The resources provided on this page include federal and state guidance, professional development materials, and regulations.  Speech-language pathology publications and links to various state education agencies and associations are also included. 

Guidance and Regulations

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

OSEP Policy Guidance Page

OSEP Policy Letters (A-Z Index)


State Web Pages for Speech-Language Impairments


Florida Speech

Florida Language


North Carolina

South Carolina



State Guidance Documents: General SLP Services

Guidelines for Speech-Language Pathology Services in Schools (North Carolina)

Speech-Language Pathology Services in Schools: Guidelines for Best Practice (Virginia)

Speech Language Pathology Guidance (West Virginia)


State Guidance Documents:  SLPAs, Paraprofessionals, and Technicians

SLPA Guidance (Colorado)

SLP Associates Certification (Florida)

SLP Paraprofessional Standards (North Dakota)

SLP Technicians (Utah)

State Guidance Documents:  Specific Topics

SLI Assessment and Criteria (Wisconsin)

Auditory Processing (Colorado)

Speech/Language as a Related Service (Florida)

Role of SLP in Reading (Florida)


Samples of State Eligibility Criteria

Conneticut Eligibility Guidance

Florida Criteria for Language

Florida Criteria for Speech

Iowa Eligibility and Exit Criteria Considerations

Oregon Criteria for SLI

Virginia Criteria for SLI

Virginia Guidance on Evaluation and Eligibility for the Special Education process

Wisconsin Criteria for SLI

Medicaid in Schools

Overview of Medicaid in Schools

LEA Use of Medicaid Funds

Performance Evaluation of SLPs

North Carolina SLP Evaluation Process

Virginia Teacher Evaluation System Including SLPs


ASHA Resources

Admission and Discharge Criteria

Roles and Responsibilities of School SLPs

Supervision Resources

School SLP Resources

SLPA Resources


CEC Evidence Based Practice

NASDSE Resources and Publications

Ohio School SLP Association

ASHA School Finance Committee

Language and Reading Connection